Modern helipad immersed in the greenery of Mediterranean gardens.
It has a hangar for helicopter storage and the following services are available for passengers waiting for a tour / flight:
Bar, Cafeteria, Restaurant, Snack, Wine Cellar
Large private and safe parking
Shaded waiting areas
Swimming pool and solarium

Look Closely Inside the Summit Craters From Your Helicopter

A helicopter tour provides a unique vantage point to take in the grandeur of Mount Etna. As the helicopter ascends, you will gain a bird’s eye view of the volcanic landscape, including old lava flows, volcanic cones and craters. The higher altitude provides panoramic views of the summit craters, including the active Central Crater. From the air, the scale and raw power of Europe’s largest active volcano becomes apparent.

Peer into the Main Crater

The highlight of the Etna helicopter tour provided by HeliSicily is hovering over the summit craters, the source of Etna’s power. Your pilot will carefully manoeuvre the helicopter over the craters, you may gaze at erupting fumaroles emitting steam and volcanic gases.. The sight of the raw power and energy contained within will leave an indelible memory.

A Birds-Eye View of the Volcano

From the air, you will be afforded unparalleled views of Mount Etna in all its glory. The helicopter will circle the volcano, providing panoramic vistas of Etna’s slopes and foothills. You may see old lava flows that have solidified, as well as vegetation growing back after past eruptions. The pilot may fly close to one of the many cones dotting Etna’s flanks, allowing a glimpse into their craters.

A Unique Perspective

There is simply no better way to experience the grandeur and awe- inspiring power of an active volcano like Etna than from the air. Our helicopter provides a unique vantage point not afforded by ground tours, allowing an unobstructed 360° view of the entire volcano and surrounding landscape. The Etna helicopter tour offers an unforgettable opportunity to witness the majesty of one of the world’s most active volcanoes up close in a safe yet thrilling manner. From the craters at the summit to the lava flows scarring its flanks, Mount Etna will unveil its splendour before your eyes from the sky. Overall, an HeliSicily's Etna helicopter tours allow one to gain a comprehensive understanding of the volcano through a visual exploration not possible from the ground. By circling its peak and gazing into its heart, passengers can comprehend Mount Etna as a dynamic, powerful force of nature. The Etna helicopter experience provides a profound insight into the workings of this iconic Sicilian volcano.

1Where do helicopters take off from for Etna volcano tours?
Private Helipad located in Fiumefreddo di Sicilia, eastern Sicily
2Which helicopter model is used for Etna volcano and Taormina aerial tours?
Airbus AS 350 - 5 passengers seat + pilot
3What altitude does a helicopter reach when flying over the Etna volcano?
3500 meters above sea level
4How long does the helicopter tour on Etna volcano takes?
30 minutes
5How long does the helicopter tour on Etna volcano and Taormina takes?
35 minutes
6How much does a 30 minutes Etna helicopter tour cost?
Shared tour euro 300 per person
Private tour euro 1290 up to 5 passengers
7How much does a 35 minutes Etna and Taormina helicopter tour cost?
Private tour euro 1490 up to 5 passengers
8Children can take the Etna helicopter?
From 3 years old children are welcome!
9What does the helicopter tour of Etna volcano include?
Express check-in, welcome drink, car parking, use of the private swimming pool annexed to the helipad. Private taxi transfers to and from helipad and restaurant services are not included.
10I have booked a helicopter flight over the Etna volcano, how long in advance do I have to go to the helipad?
Up to 15 minutes before the scheduled take-off time.