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We offer unique Etna volcano helicopter experiences, private charters in Sicily and south Italy.

Admire the mount Etna, Taormina and the Aeolian islands from a unique and spectacular point of view.
Our helicopter tours are a concentrate of thrills, breathtaking views that will make your trip unforgettable.

For over 20 years we have been guaranteeing thrilling experiences for our passengers with the longest tours on Mount Etna.
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From our private helipad of Fiumefreddo di Sicilia, we reach in a few minutes, with maximum efficiency and in complete safety,
the main tourist and commercial places of southern Italy.
Located in Fiumefreddo di Sicilia, located in a strategic position between Taormina and the Mount Etna volcano, our private helipad is easily accessible from the main roads and motorways in Sicily.
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With its dramatic volcanic landscapes and panoramic views, an aerial tour of Mount Etna by helicopter allows you to experience the raw beauty and power of this iconic Sicilian volcano up close. As you soar over billowing plumes of smoke, gazing in awe at the craters and calderas carved into the rugged terrain below, you’ll gain an unforgettable new perspective on one of Europe’s most active and alluring volcanoes. Whether you’re a hardened volcano enthusiast or simply looking for an adventurous way to take in stunning vistas, a helicopter tour of Mount Etna offers an unparalleled opportunity to behold the majesty of this fiery peak. Don't miss your chance to reserve a seat on this once-in-a-lifetime volcanic aerial adventure today.

An Experience Like No Other

There really is no substitute for seeing Etna up close from the air. The scale and drama of the volcano's features - from the perfectly-shaped cone to the huge expanses of lava flows - become abundantly clear from the air in a way that simply isn't possible from the ground. The opportunity to witness eruptions or lava flows in progress gives an immediacy and thrill that makes for a truly memorable experience. Once you're airborne, take in the views with wide-open eyes and an open mind. Let the sight of the smoking volcano fill you with wonder at the awesome power of nature. Capture photos to share with loved ones and remember this extraordinary experience for years to come.